Ukraine Women (Women's)


EUICC 2024 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
4Klara Sif Karlson7121325
7Anna Grønkjær7167
13Hanna Gavrylova7011
15Diana Lukashova791726
17Anna Slienzak7251944
35Radmila Hadlacova711415
69Liuba Misyura7303
77Asya Dzyubenko79312
96Lidia Misiura78816
97Oksana Kravets6000
99Marharyta Nikolaienko7121931

EUICC 2024:

Division: Women's

Ukraine Women 15 - 11 Aarhus Ultimate  Game play
DTS ultimate 16 - 13 Ukraine Women  Game play
Mooncup 15 - 11 Ukraine Women  Game play
Uprising UK 17 - 9 Ukraine Women  Game play
KFK - Københavns Frisbee Klub 6 - 15 Ukraine Women  Game play
Aarhus Ultimate 10 - 15 Ukraine Women  Game play
Ukraine Women 12 - 13 YRR  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
indoor73442.9 %9012.98812.62
Total73442.9 %9012.98812.62
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
EUICC 2024Women's1073442.9%9012.98812.62

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Aarhus Ultimate122229Communication/rules knowlegde: quicker resolving fouls or violations (we only have 15 sec to resolve it), and when disc has been out of bounds remember to wait with counting until pivot foot is established 1 meter from the sideline.
DTS ultimate212218
Uprising UK2232211
KFK - Københavns Frisbee Klub211228
Aarhus Ultimate2223211

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Aarhus Ultimate2222311
DTS ultimate220127We give a 0 for fair-mindedness because the opposing team repeatedly contested calls. In addition, there were two instances of unjustifiable fouls called which we are convinced did not happen (one was confirmed by multiple non-players from the sideline). Their players that later claimed they agreed the call was unjustifiable did not correct their teammate after the incident during the game.
Uprising UK2222210
KFK - Københavns Frisbee Klub2222210
Aarhus Ultimate2222210